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I studied at the Escuela Superior School of Professional Drawing and worked in several advertising agencies as a creative and illustrator. Thanks to my training in animation I worked in the TV series Dexter Presents, from El laboratorio de Dexter. Awarded as Artist Comic Revelation at Comic Con Valencia 2018. Together with Roberto Corroto we have published our successful series Sicarios both in Spain and UK by David Lloyd. My graphic novel Tigre Callejero in Spain, USA and Italy, has recently been adapted to film by director Ivan Mulero and received several awards at festivals. Other notable works have been Abraxas with Javier Marquina that received the award for best script, two issues of the Tales of Rogues series, one with Roberto Corroto and another with David Abadía and Pablo Durá, both with the original characters of El Torres, the graphic novel La chica del cementerio with scripts by Antonio Sach, I have also published with Roberto Corroto a short comic in the magazine Cthulhu and two comics in the magazine Alta Tensión with other artists such as Magius.


  • 2003 – Mack & Kuack, published by Hiphopflash magazine (Spain)

  • 2005 – Bea Gressive, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)

  • 2008 – Historias de Algoria, published by Alfaguara (Spain)

  • 2008 – Las clases del mal del Dr.Libelious, published by Alfaguara (Spain)

  • 2009 – Los experimentos de Flipi, published by Alfaguara (Spain)

  • 2011 – Lei-li: The rage of the tiger, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)

  • 2012 – Cuchillo, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)

  • 2012 – Suicide Cartoons Girls, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)

  • 2013 – eVentures with eBabe, published by Blink on an Eye (USA)

  • 2015 – Spooky Encounters, published by Zona 00 cómics (Spain)

  • 2015 – Paranoic Demond, published by Zona 00 cómics (Spain)

  • 2016 – Galaxy Girl, published by Potential comics (USA)

  • 2014 – Sicarios Vol 1: Con armas y a lo loco (4 issues), published by Zona 00 comics (Spain) & Aces Weekly (UK)

  • 2017 – Tigre Callejero, published by Gp ediciones (Spain), Zona 00 cómics (spain) y Amigo Comics (USA)

  • 2017 – Sicarios Adventures #1 y #2, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain) & Aces Weekly (UK)

  • 2018 – Tales of Rogues #1 y #4, published by Amigo Comics (USA)

  • 2018 – Abraxas Vol 1, published by Gp ediciones (Spain)

  • 2020 – Revista Cthulhu #22 Especial Psicópatas II, published by Diabolo ediciones (spain)

  • 2019 – La Chica del Cementerio, published by Ediciones Dimensionales (spain)

  • 2019 – Alta Tension #1 y #2, published by Desfiladero ediciones (spain)

  • 2021 – Sicarios Vol 2: Ruta suicida (4 issues), publicada por Zona 00 comics (Spain) 

  • 2022 – Abraxas Vol 2 , published by Gp ediciones (Spain)

  • 2022 – Cuentos de Bribones, published by Karras (Spain)

  • 2023 – LA Subdirección, published by Gp ediciones (Spain)

  • 2023 – Sicarios Vol 3 (4 issues), published by Zona 00 comics (Spain) & Aces Weekly (UK)

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